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Acrylic painting Aak wa'ode'ewin  by Clayton King

Aak wa'ode'ewin

Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 25" inches

Bravery was the fourth gift given to the Anishinaabek by the Seven Grandfathers. Bravery is to face your foe with integrity. Bravery is represented by M'kwa, the bear.

One day a little girl had seen that her parents were very ill. Being unable to help them, she went into the bush to seek out help from the spirits. After praying to Creator for guidance a great white spirit bear revealed itself to her. She was very frightened at the sight of this large bear, but knew that he was sent by Creator to help her and her parents.

The great white spirit bear showed her where to pick a medicine that would help her parents get well. After picking the medicine and administering it to her parents, they soon began to heal. It was through this bravery that the Anishinaabek learned about the healing properties of Bear Root (Oshoa); and by studying the activities of bears and their knowledge of all medicines they have been able to help those in dire need.