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Acrylic painting Boozhoo? by Clayton King


Acrylic on Canvas
16" x 20" inches
Collection of the Artist

After the death of his brother Ma'iingan, Nanabuoozhoo sought out vengeance against Zagima, the Great Horned Serpent, and his brothers. After searching all over creation, Nanbush had finally found the serpents sleeping on a beach. As he drew near, the serpents recognized him and retreated back into the water. The next morning Nanabush returned to the beach and transformed himself into a stump so he wouldn't be noticed. The serpents came back to the beach to sun bathe when they noticed a stump. they had then employed Mishipizheu, the Great Water Lynx, to investigate their suspicion. After checking out the stump, Mishipizheu informed the serpents that it was just a stump. They then slithered up on the beach. Once they fell asleep Nanabush transformed himself back into an Anishinaabe and shot an arrow into Zagima. The serpents then quickly leaped into the water and started to splash around. The splashing