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Acrylic painting Council Meeting by Clayton King

Council Meeting

Acrylic on Canvas
25" x 20" inches
Private Collection

As seen in many different styles, the star in the centre of the painting is a representation of the North Star (Giiwedinang). The North Star is the only star in the sky that never moves. It is constant, unwavering, a guide. In each cardinal direction of the North Star is the animalistic representation of each door way. In the east is the bald eagle, to the south is the deer, to the west is the buffalo, and to the north is the spirit bear. Also depicted around the star is the seven original clans of the Anishinaabe.

Loon (Maang) - This clan is known to be given the power of Chieftainship.

Crane (Ajijaak) - This clan is also known to be given the power of Chieftainship. 

Turtle (Miskwaadesi/Giigoohn) - The turtle is the head of the fish clan. Known as intellectuals, the fish clan helps as arbitrators when disputes happen. 

Bird (Beneshii)