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Acrylic painting Dbaadendiziwin  by Clayton King


Acrylic on Canvas
25" x 20" inches
Private Collection

Humility was the sixth gift given to the Anishinaabek by the seven grandfathers. Humility is to know yourself as a sacred part of creation. Humility is represented by Ma'iingan, the wolf.

Ma'iingan was the brother of Nanaboozhoo. He was a skillful hunter and a great provider to Nanabush and Nookmis. The spirits had seen that Ma'iingan had killed more in creation than he needed too and became very angry with him. The spirits relayed this message to Nanabush, and Nanabush had told Ma'iingun to honour creation and only take what was necessary.

One day Ma'iingan was crossing a frozen lake with a deer he had just killed. He was headed back to the lodge when the ice broke and fell through and drowned. It was Zagima, the great horned serpent who had killed him. 

Waiting a long time on his brothers return, Nanabush's gut instinct had tol