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Acrylic painting Eagle Spirit by Clayton King

Eagle Spirit

Acrylic on Canvas
25" x 20" inches

Collection of Bell Canada

The Anishinaabe were originally made up of one tribe that lived in the woodland Great Lake region. They are now known as the Ojibway, the Odawa, and the Potawatomi. Their territory was immense, covering from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River to the western tip of Lake Superior and beyond. The Midewiwin Society of the Anishinaabek religiously practice the use of herbal medicine and sacred religious traditions to heal people from illness. The scene in this painting is comprised of a Midewiwin sweat lodge. Outside of the lodge is the fire keeper, who is praying to the creator. The Anishinaabe believe that is is the spririt of the eagle that carries the prayers to the creator G'chi Manidoo. 

The sweat lodge is made for healing and purification purposes. Inside the sweat lodge, the Mide perform a ceremony through the use of prayer and song. Hot rocks, also known as g