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Acrylic painting G'chi Manidoo Giizis  by Clayton King

G'chi Manidoo Giizis

(Big Spirit Moon)
Acrylic on Canvas
20" x 25" inches

In a time long ago, there was a group of wondering Anishinaabek travelling about from place to place in search of game. The group stopped along a steep cliff side. The hunters of the group were preparing to go and search for food, while the rest stayed behind. The old medicine man of the group had noticed a spring nearby along the rock face. In the pool of the spring he noticed a sturgeon swimming in it. He discussed the sturgeon with the elders and said that this sturgeon was special and was not to be eaten. Before leaving on their hunting expedition the chief and the elders had instructed the people not to eat the sturgeon. 

When the Chief and hunters came back to the people with their game, they noticed that the people were not people at all anymore. Someone had cooked the sturgeon up and all the people had joined in the feast. The Chief and hunters had seen that their relatives had been transforme