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Acrylic painting Nokomis and the Water Beings by Clayton King

Nokomis and the Water Beings

Acrylic on Canvas
49" x 97" inches 
Private Collection

It has been passed down through oral tradition that the Anishinaabek had once lived on the east coast of Turtle Island hundreds of years ago. Times were tough at this time. To help through these tough times, the Great Spirit gave to the Anishinaabek the seven fires prophecy. One of these seven prophecies was the migration prophecy.

A young woman had a dream one night that she had seen herself travelling up river on the back of a giant turtle. They were headed west towards an Island shaped like a turtle. The elders interpreted this dream as the first prophecy that creator had sent to them. From understanding this dream they decided to migrate west along the great river until they reached a turtle shaped Island. Once they found the turtle shaped island they stayed for a while before moving on. 

In this painting I have interpreted this dream.