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Acrylic painting The Relay by Clayton King

The Relay

Acrylic on Canvas
40" x 50" inches
Collection of the artist

This acrylic painting is a dedication to the men and women, both native and non native of Simcoe County ande elswhere that stood up in protest to stop Dump Site 41 in Tiny Township in 2009. Construction of this proposed dumb site was approved by the Simcoe County Council in June of 2007. If it wasn't for these water protectors there would have been three sources of contamination released in Georgian Bay. On would have been through a breach in the leachete collection system of the proposed dump site, were toxic chemicals would have immediately flowed through the MacDonald Watershed to Georgian Bay, via the Wye River. This would have effected the surrounding residential wells in the area. The dumpsite would have further contaminated the lower Alliston Aquifer which runs from the Oak Ridges Moraine to Georgian Bay. The Alliston Aquifer is a part of a larger hydro geological system with the Lauren