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Acrylic painting Wassabmosakwe (Walks Far Woman) by Clayton King

Wassabmosakwe (Walks Far Woman)

Normal Light
Ultra Violet Luminescent Acrylic Paint
24" x 18" inches
Private Collection

Walks Far Woman represents the courage of the Anishinaabek woman. In years of late, Anishinaabe Kweag and other Indigenous women have done there share of advocating for the protection of our water by holding rallies, protest and water walks and talks all over the Great Lakes basin and beyond. It is through the strength of these women that help in the protection of the water we need to survive as human beings. The image in this painting represents this strength. Like the migrations of old, the woman in this painting is being guided by the sacred megis shell, the great shell that led the Anishinaabek from the east to their present destinations prior to contact with non indigenous people. It is through the wisdom and protection of those Ogitchidaa Kweag (warrior women) that help in leading the way against industry from pollution of our waters. Wassabmosakwe was the s