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Acrylic painting Zaagidwin: Quashmigo minwa Ogemawahj by Clayton King

Zaagidwin: Quashmigo minwa Ogemawahj

Ultra Violet Luminescent Acrylic Paint
25" x 20" inches

Love was the second gift given to the Anishinaabek by the Seven Grandfathers. To know love is to know peace. Love is represented by migizi, the bald headed eagle. 

This painting is a dedication to my grandparents from seven generations ago. Quashmigo Kwe in the Anishinaabe language means "woman who pushes off", and Ogemawahj or Ogemawahjiwon means "Chief of the flowing waters." This painting is a dedication to them and the struggle they made when they decided to leave their village of Shawbe wa wa goning, Wisconsin with their eight children to seek a new life in the Penetanguishene, Ontario area of Georgian Bay back in 1835. Not only does the eagle in this painting represent love, but it also represents Ogemawahjiwon's clan and the clan of the entire patrilineal King family lineage that are his descendants. 

The eagle is just on of many flyers that are apart of the bird clan. The bird clan was the final clan created by creator. It is represented by its profound spiritual leaders and those that are keepers of sacred knowledge, and are responsible for teaching this knowledge to the next generation.